G-Talkies IT solutions builds Websites, Web and Mobile apps that disseminate information, execute business functions, exchange info/content and host games

-Talkies_Tehnology Solutions - Want to tell people about yourself, about what you do? Want to use the internet/mobile to reach out, interact or transact with people?

We offer a range of Technology Services that suit your purpose


G-Talkies-Billboard - To provide information about your offering & to reach out to people

G-Talkies-Minion - To help you run your business - By executing the core function(s) of your business through interacting / transacting with people over the internet

G-Talkies-Want to deliver business functionality, information exchange, intelligence, support or entertainment to people, anywhere and everywhere? Our web and mobile application services will help do exactly that!


G-Talkies-Assures quality by providing reliable, scalable and completely customizable websites

G-Talkies websites have responsive design that helps in seamless rendering across devices and platforms


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You are in trusted hands, some of our clients are:

Torque Auto Workz

Natya Gurukul

IWI Knowledge Pvt Ltd

Mateo Foodz