Aspiring to be a model/actor?
Want to portray your best looks on social media/dating sites/matrimonial sites?
Dreaming of having that frame-worthy picture perfect image with your life partner/family?
Want to capture special moments in a place other than your memory?
Want to showcase your work through your products/workplace?

Our range of photography services will suit (m)any of your needs!

High MEfinition 

Done to define & portray your “ME” – Portrait photography of yourself, to be showcased in the showbiz industry, across social media, matrimonial sites, etc

Happily Ever After

Portrait photography of couples before & after the wedding, during pregnancy, when you start a family and during all the other moments that make up your “happily ever after” photo album.


Your significant life events such as wedding, baby showers, anniversaries, birthdays – etched in your memory, captured by our lenses.


Photographs that help package and present your work to the world-your art, your products, your people, place of work, your story, your cause, etc.

G-Talkies Photography

Our photography services portray the identity, events, products and stories in the desirable manner for individuals and businesses alike, artistically.


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