Most small businesses do not have a website: Survey

While 63%, that is, most small businesses do not have a website, 76% of these plan to have one in the next two years, reveals a survey by GoDaddy and Redshift Research. Here are some other findings.

Most small businesses do not have a website

What has held you back from creating a website for your business?
40%: I think my business is too small to warrant a website
19%: It is beyond my technical expertise
17%: My social media presence/business directory listing has met my requirements
17%: I couldn’t afford it
17%: I don’t think it would help my business

Do you plan to get a website in the future?
34%: Yes, this year
24%: Yes, within the next two years
18%: Yes, I’m already working on it
14%: Not sure
10%: Not planning in the next two years

Do you plan to sell goods from your website?
32%: Yes, my website will have online store/ e-commerce functionality on launch
19%: Yes, my website will have online store/ e-commerce functionality within a year of launch
26%: Yes, my website should have online store/ e-commerce functionality, but am unsure when it will be available
23%: No, I don’t plan to have online store/ e-commerce functionality

What impact will a website have on your business/ sales growth in 3-5 years?
19%: It will make a huge difference, perhaps as much as 50% growth
35%: It will help a lot, perhaps as much as 25% growth
33%: It will help a bit, perhaps as much as 10% growth
8%: It will not have much impact on growth

Do you have a website that gives your business an online presence?
37%: Yes, I have a website
18%: No, I don’t have a website or any online presence
23%: No, but I plan to build a website for my business soon
22%: No, but I have a Facebook page or mobile app
3%: No, but I have a store on sites like eBay, Amazon
9%: No, but my business is on a business directory listing websites

After you created the website, what was the impact on business growth in two years?
30%: My business grew significantly, by more than 10%
20%: My business size remained the same
33%: My business grew a bit, by up to 10%
12%: My business shrank

How important is it that your business website be mobile friendly?
58%: Very important
33%: Somewhat important
5%: Not very important
2%: Not important at all

Where would you say you get most of the traffic to your business website?
27%: Mobile device users (including smartphones, tablets)
39%: Desktop device users (including laptops)
28%: An even mix of mobile device users and desktop device users
7%: Not sure

What tools would help to reach new markets and improve customer relations?
63%: Social media presence
62%: Search engine optimisation
34%: Customer relationship management tools
22%: Analytics
5%: Not sure

SOURCE : (ET Wealth) The survey was conducted by Redshift Research and GoDaddy among 500 very small businesses in India, and 4,009 units in Australia, Brazil, Canada, India, Turkey, United Kingdom and United States in June-July 2015. All responses may not add up to 100 due to multiple choices

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